Gurmehar Kaur

Did Nothing,HER “STATEMENT” Did All She Wants….


“I am Gurmehar the FREEDOM Lover”

She just gave a statement,posted some burning pics on social media and made an easy way to the LEADERSHIP.She followed the popular way of Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU.

She knows that she will be safe since Kanhaiya is her Ideal and he is safe too till date….

Now it will be an usual trick for the LEADERS TO BE.She successfully burnt the universities,collages and the entire country as well.Netas like Kejariwal and Rahul Gandhi started taking advantage of the situation,so they could make some benefits in current state elections…

If the offenders like Kanhaiya Kumar ,Umar khalid and Aniraban will enjoy their freedom,this type of propaganda will become so popular in the students that peace and harmony of the entire country will be challenged. So it’s very important that these type of FREEDOM LOVERS should be punished.