women’s day, महिला दिवस,

पकड़ लो हर चाल,
उड़ाता हुआ गुबार
टी वी के समाचार,
बजती हुई कॉल,
मित्रों की टोली
हँसी और ठिठोली
सिनेमा की रंगोली
सैर सपाटा
चुनाव का हंगामा
नतीजों का सन्नाटा
अख़बारों की सुर्खियां
नाच – गानों की मुर्कियाँ
इन्हीं से जीवन में रंग है
ये गयीं तो मिलेंगी नहीं
चाय की प्याली लिये
बीवी तो खड़ी मिलेगी यहीं

International Women’s Day

Save girl child

In India  practice of sex-selective abortion is very common practice.It is the result of cultural norms that value male children over female children. According to a report of UNICEF, it causes the non-birth of almost 7.000 girls per day in India. The Lancet magazine estimates that in the last 20 years 10 million feminine fetuses have been eliminated in the country.

Likewise, the numbers of pregnant women that die each year in India from preventable causes are close to 80.000.

So I think it’s very important to check the female killing.It is best way to start this effort from the day which is celebrated for women,THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.By this graphic I tried to give this message to the people.

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